Use Technological Innovation
To Creat World-Class
Button Brand!

Top Militray EquipmentTop Militray EquipmentImport the world's top equipment from Germany, Switzerland,Japen etc.

The Hightest Test StandardThe Hightest Test StandardIncluding 8 full inspections,10 manufacturing processes, 28 laboratory tests and 6000 durability tests.

The Best Security SolutionsThe Best Security SolutionsWe have a complete set of solutions to improve safety factor to provide guarantee for cutomer quality.

Quality Inspection Process

  • Elegant and bright office environment
  • Office environment
  • Employee living space
  • Office environment
  • Office building
  • Recreation area
  • The Whole Button Solution
  • Short delivery cycle
  • Perfect Supporting Service System
  • Strict Quality Inspection
  • Global Delivery Network
  • Why Choose FM ?

    The Whole Button SolutionThe Whole Button SolutionProvide a complete set of solution,From button design to manufacturing,the provision of equipment and final safety imspection,etc.
  • Why Choose FM ?

    Short delivery cycleShort delivery cycleOur standard delivery cycle of 7-10 days leads the industry,and the devivery can be reduced to 1 day with special needs.
  • Why Choose FM ?

    Perfect supporting service systemPerfect supporting service systemLogo,color matching and other ancillary services can be provided,not only button design and manufacturing.
  • Why Choose FM ?

    Strict quality inspectionStrict quality inspectionFM's safety pull test standards exceed domestic and European Union standards,which is the highest in the world.
  • Why Choose FM ?

    Global delivery networkGlobal delivery networkWe have one professional Chinese-English customer service team to help you,with the timely delivery and perfect after-sale service.
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Product Application

Baby snap buttonBaby snap button
Baby snap button Widely used in infants and children's clothes, and robes, jumpsuits, climbing suits, etc. Read More
Plastic snap buttonPlastic snap button
Plastic snap button Mainly used in clothing products, document bag, has the characteristics of strong tension! Read More
Automatic snap fastening machineAutomatic snap fastening machine
Automatic snap fastening machine Applies to clothing, clothing, footwear, leather goods, stationery, and other industries Read More
  • Goodbaby
  • PurCotton
  • MarColor
  • Databank
  • Comix
  • Yeehoo
  • Rrym
  • MenDale
  • Annil
  • Minimoto

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