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Baby button PLS-400

Baby button PLS-400

Infant's wear refers to clothing suitable for infants under the age of one. It is necessary to pay attention to the non-dry cleaning of infant clothing, as well as the finish of buttons, zippers and metal accessories, the safety of style design, and the treatment of formaldehyde. The harmful substances on baby clothing fabrics are mainly formaldehyde and dyes. Therefore, parents should choose cotton fabrics when purchasing baby clothes, such as ordinary cotton, natural colored cotton, organic cotton products...

Product Features

Product Features

Risk of no flying claws: reduction of injuries from the claws of the metal buckle, loss of the buttons, and ingestion

No metal allergy: raw material is plastic, good for skin, no metal allergy

Lighter and more secure than the original: not to mention light, after a variety of tests to ensure quality. Durable bleach, clean and rust free. Implement a strong test.

There is almost no destructive effect on the structure of the fabric itself: the raw material is plastic, good for the skin, no metal allergy

Safe and reliable: Get the safety and high quality of the "Oeko-Tex Standard 100" · "SGS"


ApplicationsPLS-400 is widely used in baby and children's outerwear and down jackets.

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