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Fuming full-automatic button machine is updated!

Dongguan Fuming Button Co., Ltd. officially launched a new full-automatic button machine, the new model was ordered: FM-500 automatic button machine.

FM-500 automatic button sewing machine has new changes on the basis of the original FM-200 automatic buckle machine, FM-300 automatic button machine and FM-400 button machine, from the weight and size of the button machine , the size to the throat depth have changed a lot!

Fuming full-automatic button machine is updated!

Fuming automatic button machine is updated!

The FM-500 automatic button sewing machine solves the problem of insufficient distance before, and is more suitable for the garment industry with special requirements. This automatic nail button machine will bring new development opportunities for the garment industry and will greatly improve the garment industry. The quality and efficiency of the button can be said to be another revolution in the apparel industry!

Fuming Button insists on quality as the center, focuses on the design and development of plastic snap fasteners, and continues to innovate based on customer needs. It has grown into the top three button companies in China. Today, our product network and overall product solution application In Europe and the United States and other countries and regions in more than 20 countries. If you are interested in us, please contact us: miller@fmbutton.com