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Standardized service process

Fuming is not only producing and selling buttons, but also providing customers with a complete one-stop service, from measurement to selection, training to production, and comprehensive guidance to ensure customer product quality.

  • Design measurement01Design measurement

    In the design and development stage, thickness measurement is performed on clothes that need to be buckled.

  • Button selection02Button selection

    According to the thickness measurement results, choose the appropriate Fuming button model

  • Determine the button machine03Determine the button machine

    Make sure the button machine used in the processing plant is provided by Fuming Package

  • Technical Training04Technical Training

    Training of factory technicians, proficient in Fuming button buckle requirements and methods

  • Certification tracking05Certification tracking

    Factory on-site production, Fuming to do on-site certification and tracking services

  • After-sale visit06After-sale visit

    Fuming after-sales engineers visit the processing plant from time to time and provide daily work reports

Worry-free service system

  • Pre-sale Pre-sale Product training: Before proofing and mass production, the company staff will provide product explanations and training in the factory, so that the customer designers can correctly select the appropriate buttons.
  • Sale Sale Provide special button machine for customers, fast speed, low loss, stable quality; from the quality inspection, production links, provide customers with a full set of technical training, allowing customers to effectively monitor and improve product quality.
  • After sale After sale Fast delivery: strong production capacity, delivery time is reduced by half compared with Japan; after-sales engineers strictly monitor production schedule and quality to ensure the safety of arrival.

Well-known service customers

Well-known service customers